Aqwary Dive Computers

Aqwary: smart console manufacturer.



Aqwary was a high-tech company based in Linkoping, Sweden, that intended on making incredible diving experiences even better.
At Aqwary, they had a genuine background in scuba diving and understood the challenges that scuba divers faced. Aqwary wanted to improve the way divers communicated and actively supported the diving community.
Their first product, the Smart Console, enabled divers to share information across their own local subaquatic network.

AQWARY’s vision

Aqwary believed that communication was the future of dive computers. As their products connected and shared important data, divers could relax and enjoy incredible dives while always having access to their buddy’s current status. The company planned to add a number of applications that would enhance the Smart Console with completely new functions such as messaging, an encyclopedia over oceanic life or even underwater twitter. Only the imagination was meant to set the limit.
Aqwary’s vision was a revolution in how divers connect and share information before, during and after a dive.

AQWARY’s background

Everything started when Anders Brodin (founder and CEO and long time scuba diver) brought his two youngest children to scuba school for diving certificates. At that moment he fully became aware of the communication problems and the anxiety you experience when diving with fresh divers. This led him to start exploring the possibility of creating a Subaquatic Network based on ultrasonic sound.
With a background in computer science, he was able to conduct initial tests and in 2013 the company was founded. Naturally the first year was fully committed to development of the console, but soon after Aqwary started recruiting personnel for all parts of the company to start the journey.
2014 was an important milestone, as Aqwary shipped the first smart console to customer and that was the start of taking diving computers to a next level.

Aqwary smart console